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Bartender of the Week: Donnie Surace

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Name: Donnie Surace Why I like bartending: Our regulars are the best. There’s an old Irish saying: “Smiles always lead a path to your doorstep.” I’m a firm believer in that saying. (read more)

Bartender of the Week: Jerry Haggerty

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Name: Jerry Haggerty Bar: Haggerty's Tavern, West Scranton (read more)

Bartender of the Week: Lisa Singer

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Name: Lisa Singer Why I like bartending: I am a creature of the night. The hours are perfect for me! I like being unscripted. I can curse, joke, be vulgar and it all makes the customers laugh. I have tons of different kind of alcohol to make new drinks, (read more)


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Where Northeastern Pennsylvania Shops (read more)


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Print and Display ads from Electric City and Diamond City. (read more)

On the Record: Scranton band uses music as an outlet

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At its core, Scranton-based punk rock band Crock Pot Abduction is a group of great friends who make great music together. The members met in their middle school band days, and even though they don’t play Green Day covers at the high school talent show any (read more)

Racers test their building skills in Cardboard Box Sled Derby

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Fuzz 92.1 encourages competitors to think outside the box — a cardboard box, that is. In its second year, Sunday’s Cardboard Box Sled Derby, organized by the Times-Shamrock Communications radio station and Montage Mountain, challenges participants to crea (read more)


ARIES (March 21-April 19): My astrological radar suggests there’s a space-time anomaly looming just ahead of you. Is it a fun and exotic limbo where the rules are flexible and everything’s an experiment? That might be cool. Or is it more like an alien lab (read more)


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CATCHY CRUNCH BEACH SLANG — “A Loud Bash of Teenage Feelings”THE GOOD: Despite some lineup changes (exits both cordial and not-so-cordial), Philadelphia punk group Beach Slang release its second album. THE BAD: Not strikingly original but not “bad” either (read more)

Monster Jam driver overcomes illness to entertain

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Monster truck driver Bailey Shea was given 11 years to live at birth. The Chillicothe, Missouri, native, was misdiagnosed with cystic fibrosis but nevertheless suffers daily from the side effects of having only one working lung. Even so, that doesn’t stop (read more)

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EC Best Of 2010 Winners

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DC Best Of 2010 Winners

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