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Bartender of the Week: Donnie Surace

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Name: Donnie Surace Why I like bartending: Our regulars are the best. There’s an old Irish saying: “Smiles always lead a path to your doorstep.” I’m a firm believer in that saying. (read more)

Bartender of the Week: Jerry Haggerty

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Name: Jerry Haggerty Bar: Haggerty's Tavern, West Scranton (read more)

Bartender of the Week: Lisa Singer

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Name: Lisa Singer Why I like bartending: I am a creature of the night. The hours are perfect for me! I like being unscripted. I can curse, joke, be vulgar and it all makes the customers laugh. I have tons of different kind of alcohol to make new drinks, (read more)


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Where Northeastern Pennsylvania Shops (read more)


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Print and Display ads from Electric City and Diamond City. (read more)

Peel back layers of black comedy in ‘The Pallbearers’

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Actor Tim McDermott likes to be challenged when it comes to taking on a theatrical piece, and Gaslight Theatre Company’s latest production does just that for him. “I keep finding things about my character, like certain lines or the way he says things,” Mc (read more)

Advice Goddess

IS IT SOMETHING I WED? Two of my girlfriends just got divorced. Both recently admitted to me that they knew they shouldn’t have gotten married at the time but did anyway. Just this weekend, another friend — married for only a year and fighting bitterly wi (read more)

Up Close

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UP CLOSE & PERSONAL WITH ALAN K. STOUT Jordan Ramirez is a professional musician whose work combines elements of hip-hop and soul. He has released a solo album, “Ink,” and also is the lead singer of rock/funk band Half Dollar, which recently dropped its s (read more)

Turn to fizzy brachetto for a low-alcohol treat

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Brachetto, a red grape from Italy’s Piedmont region, makes a middling red wine but really shines when it puts on some bubbles. As a red wine with no bubbles (or a still wine), brachetto d’aqui isn’t bad. If you find one, it smells of roses and red fruit a (read more)


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Oh, Weyerbacher, I love you. I love you so much. I know I drink other beers from time to time ... or a lot. They’re delicious, and I’ve said as much, but it always has been you that I come back to. Sure, you’ve always been a bit heavy-handed, but I happen (read more)

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EC Best Of 2010 Winners

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Check out the winners of the Electric City 2010 Best Of Readers' Poll here! (read more)

DC Best Of 2010 Winners

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Find out the winners in our Diamond City 2010 Best Of Readers' Poll here! (read more)